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Let's Play Baby Boomers!

We baby boomers were not born with innate computer skills. We had to develop them in the past few decades. But haven’t we become so skilled at data entry, research, sharing e-mails, and starting blogs? And didn’t we have to shift our thinking and skills to do so? The same is now true for you're new internal software. You've always had the skills you're going to access and implement, you've just not been able to access them with the ease you will now find possible – that is, if you allow yourself to suspend belief of what is possible! Suspending belief in the same sense that you used to believe in Santa Claus and your fairy godmother.

Let’s play with that and dabble in this. It’s beyond time to “work” at anything. We baby boomers have been working our entire lives in one form or another. “I need to find a job so I can afford vacations”. “I need to work at this relationship.”

My role is to help you shift your work patterns to play - with the same joy you approached each day of play as a small child. And to help you laugh along the way.

Are you ready to come out and play with me? It’s going to be fun!

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