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Create Your Community Overview:

Book Two of the Creation Series

Create your CommunityCreate Your Community describes why your belief patterns are shifting for the first time in eons, and how you will create your dreams, your community. Your ‘new and improved’ creative skills are to become an expected part of your life and an accepted part of life for your children, grandchildren and on earth for eons. You are the New Age Creators!

Create your Community
Chapter Headings

  • Expect Miracles
  • The Future Is Now
  • Joy Is Your Key
  • Rules No Longer Apply
  • You Create Your Fairytale
  • Your Magic Wand Is More
    Powerful Everyday
  • What Do You Want And Why?
  • It’s Time To Create, Not Join
  • Allow Yourself To Create A
    Happy Ending

  • Pain Lessons Are No Longer
  • Your Life Is Choice
  • Dream Big!
  • Practice Your New Life
  • Caretaking And Victim Roles Are
  • Karma Is No More
  • Come Play!

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