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Economics of the Heart:

Book One of the Creation Series

Economics of the heartEconomics of the Heart relays why the current economic system
exists, why you wish to create a new system and how you are going to rapidly create that system – one exchange at a time. It is time for you to redirect your creativity from what your society told you that you
should do, to those aspects of your skills that make you sing inside
your being. Now is your time. You are New Age pioneers.

Economics of the Heart Chapter Headings

  • This Book Is A Building Block
  • Your Knowledge Is Not Limited
  • Teach Others So They Can
    Take Care of Themselves
  • This Is A Book of Ideas
  • Joy For Your Money, Not Work
    For Your Money
  • You're One Cell Of The Universe
  • Logic No Longer Applies
  • Earth Will Be A Different Place
    Because Of You
  • The Few, The Proud, The Chosen
  • Accept The Life You Want!
  • Stop Whining And Start Creating
  • Create The Life You Want
  • You Are The Star Of Your Life
  • Flex Your Creative Muscles
  • Join The Party!

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