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A Glimpse of Your Future

Written in 1989 by Brenda Joyce Hoffman, A Glimpse of Your Future is an introduction to our current New Age. Click here to see the cover.

Our shift into the New Age was so dramatic and so filled with unknowns, that we were introduced to the New Age in stages. First, an overview of the possibilities as provided in A Glimpse of Your Future. Then, humanity’s acceptance of the New Age which occurred in the last few months. And finally, our adjustment to the changes detailed in A Glimpse of Your Future; and the subject of the additional books written by Brenda Hoffman available on this website.

The 358 page A Glimpse of Your Future describes:
• How relationships will evolve.
• How structures such as the church, the medical arena, the justice
   system and the work world will shift or disappear – and why that is
• Why the rock stars of the 1960’s and 1970’s were an important
   element of the New Age.
• Why baby boomers negated their ‘flower child’ demeanor to become
   corporate executives.
• Why fear is a closed door telling you what you cannot do.
• How hope is just belief in yourself.
• How to move beyond a system of scapegoats.
• Why your dilemmas are not necessary.

Trade paper book; 358 pages Price; $15 plus $3.95 shipping only in the contigious states. Make all other purchases at

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