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Key Elements of the New Age

  • Joy is the key element.
  • Pain is no longer fashionable.
  • Caretaking and victimhood are functions of pain.
  • It is now much easier and comfortable to access joy, than to
    access pain.
  • Rules do not apply.
  • Karma is no more.
  • Creation is your role.
  • You create your reality more easily than ever before.
  • Any creation can be changed or altered at any time.
  • You baby boomers are the bridge between the Old Age and the
    New Age. Your children will easily cross that bridge and your
    grandchildren will blow it up.
  • Before you access joy, and thereby create what you want, you
    need to answer the following questions:

o Who am I?
o What do I want?
o Why do I want it?

OLD AGE and NEW AGE Definitions

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