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Brenda's Role

My role is to help you suspend belief – a bit like Peter Pan. Beliefs that have limited you in your current life and for eons of lives.

The New Age has arrived and it’s time for you to access and implement your new accompanying software skills. If that last statement sounds a bit like what you might expect to hear from a computer programmer, you’ve ‘gotten’ the idea. My role is to function as your computer help desk as you unwrap, install and learn how to use your new software.

Many in the New Age/Spirituality world have been discussing the new energies – a bit like a computer magazine might write about a new software program, “It’s here, it’s new and it’s wonderful.” But now that you’ve bought your new software – accessed your new energies – what do you do? What are your new software capabilities? How do you grasp the enormity of what your computer help desk is suggesting?

Let's Play Baby Boomers

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