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Brenda's Blog helps you better understand your new thoughts and actions and, most often, why you're experiencing them. Wave after wave of the new is creating your unique path in this new world you're helping create.


Eons ago, you accepted the Universal assignment to transition yourself and the Earth from fear to love. To achieve this momentous task, you've welcomed various segments of your totality and eradicated societal shoulds, 3D karma, fear, victimization, and caretaking. You're rapidly replacing those 3D have-tos and shoulds with love, peace, and joy.


Some of you were the first to transition or forerunners. Others are following in waves - all timed by you to meet your unique needs. You forerunners created the transition bridge. Those of you following are crossing that bridge and will eventually destroy it.


ThreeD Earth and 3D you, are no more.


Even though you've always had the creation skills you're implementing as the result of this transition, you've never accessed them as easily while of Earth - if you allow yourself to do so.


Brenda's role is to help you shift your 3D work patterns to new you playful creations - with the same joy you approached play as a child. 


                                                    Let's Create

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